Sound in healing has been used for hundreds of years by cultures across the world with the intent to heal. Suara Sound Healing uses tuning forks attuned to specific frequencies to achieve optimum Health and Well Being

Tuning forks are used on around the body to clear , cleanse and balance body , mind and spirit. Suara Sound also uses  the sacred Solfeggio frequencies which according the Dr Horowitz are encoded in the bible.  And a further 3 forks based on the numerological pattern of the solfeggio.

By listening to these sacred sounds we change our energy deep within our quantum space.

 “The vibration  we give off and out in energy, we receive”

Therefore it can be reasonably suggested that if you change your internal vibration by resonating with the tuning forks ,. By not running the life learnt programmes of limiting beliefs, due to your vibration changing on a deep cellular level, you really can begin to attract the life you wish to live.

“Change your Vibration – change your life” – Debbie Walker

You can go deeper with sound healing to release trauma and learnt life lessons and even release past lives, karmic blockages or deeply held ancestral memory patterns. This can  effectively be done by using the Sacred Solfeggio Healing Codes. By bringing these into your quantum space by listening intently and then using the resonating sounds in your auric field and energy centres, deep healing may occur on many levels. releasing  chi that maybe residing  deep within your Soul or ancient DNA Codons.

*174 Hz – Used for Releasing Pain – physical, mental, emotional, Karmic

*285 Hz – Used for Releasing Wounding – physical, mental, emotional, Karmic

UT 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear

RE 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

MI 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles and the Universal Love frequency

FA 639 Hz – Connections and Relationships

SOL 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition

LA 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

*963 Hz – At ONE with ALL

*The missing three codes based on the numerology system of the Solfeggio.

Tuning fork sound healing  is complimentary to other therapies and reports suggest clients are able to go into a much ‘deeper’ meditative place and so achieve faster results . Tuning forks are an effective delivery system of a vibrational frequency that is able to target your Physical, mental or emotional health and well being.

Suara sound method of using Tuning Forks may potentially allow a ‘reset’ for optimum health and Well-being  to be achieved, whatever that maybe for you.

Does vibration change matter?

“Yes, in  cymatics  research , It has been proven again  and  again that sound can have an effect on matter”

Does  Sound Vibration change us and how we feel?

“For many people it has shown they reach a deep level of relaxation comparable to that feeling you enjoy just before deep sleep”

Absolutely everything is vibration – EVERYTHING, so using Sacred Sound to change your energy vibration will bring many benefits will be felt in every area of your life.

Clear cleanse and balance treatment £40 – 1 hour

Solfeggio treatment – a longer suara sound using the solfeggio frequencies encoded in the bible  9 forks  –  £70 2 hours

Full arch angel   harmony treatment  9 Forks channelled by Debbie walker  to harmonise ,  blend and resonate with the Archangel frequencies to clear blockages  and to enhance our connection with the divine. –  £70 2 Hours

Prescriptive treatment  using  forks from various sets of forks including chakra set , solfeggio, Egyptian , Archangel harmony , Ganesh and Ancestor forks as required and chosen from the consultation and energy scan . £40  – 1 hour

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Sound in healing has been used for hundreds of years by cultures across the world with the intent to heal. Suara Sound Healing uses tuning forks attuned to specific frequencies to achieve optimum Health and Well Being Tuning forks are used on around the body to clear , cleanse and balance body , mind and…

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