Hello! My name is Claire Banks, I am a mum of three and practicing therapist for 25 years.

I Live and work holding a clinic in Bridport, West Dorset also running clinic in Mount Hawke, Cornwall.  I take pride in being a professional therapist, delivering consultations and treatments to meet your individual needs.

The treatments I deliver, may help you re-align the body, recover from sports injuries, relieve pain caused by stress or quite simply help you to relax.  However, I may also help you during pregnancy, and by relaxing the body and mind, can also help relieve symptoms of some serious conditions as well .

I first turned to complementary therapies over twenty years ago when both my Dad and nephew died from Cancer, life seemed particularly challenging and events conspired in such a way that I began to experience anxiety and post-natal depression.

I now look back at this time with gratitude because, from my present perspective, I can see that these experiences were the catalyst I needed in order to effect the necessary changes in the way I felt about myself and the world around me.

I began with a crystal healing course and Reiki, becoming a reiki master and using Reiki as a spiritual practice.  I did NVQ level 3 in Massage, reflexology and aroma therapy and beauty therapy at Weymouth College.   When My Daughter was born with Erb’s Palsey, I wanted to learn something more remedial to help with body re-alignment, something more of a therapeutic treatment rather than a Beauty pamper in order to address her issues. So I learnt the Bowen technique. On that course it was recommended that I learn more in depth anatomy and physiology than I had previously learnt in the Beauty therapy department of Weymouth college when doing my level three massage

So, as I like to extend all that I learn, when I moved to Cornwall I enrolled on a Foundation degree.  I qualified in 2012 in a foundation science Degree, FdSc Complementary Health Therapies. I passed with distinction and was awarded student of the Year. This course enabled me to have a broad understanding on health and well-being, I studied in depth Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, Chemistry, Reflexology and Massage Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, sports injuries and sports massage.

I have become amazed at the power of sound and healing frequencies and its amazing ability to alter consciousness and soothe and enliven and heal the physical body. 

I am also a Suara sound ambassasader using tuning forks.  I have also studied with Fabien Mammon at the Tama-do academy of Sound, colour and movement in Switzerland where I learnt to use tuning forks on acupuncture points and use of sound and colour on the aura, Qi Gong,  and how to conduct  a Tama-do Sound Harmonization (sound baths).

Always aiming to extend my knowledge and skills, I have since trained in auricular acupuncture for detox and well-being, Matrix Energetics, Meditation massage – ideal for those who are very stuck in their heads and cant switch the mind off. Also Raynor massage – a deep tissue massage, which is  a fusion of many styles , which  include Chinese, Ayurvedic, Swedish, Shiatsu and Hawaiian massage and reflexology.  It is a highly effective style of massage.

I have gained a wide spectrum of experience, working with a range of clients with individual needs and health concerns.

I understand that healing is a journey and may need a multifaceted approach to create balance in your life and body.

In short, the treatments I deliver may be beneficial in a wide range of conditions, and enhance general physical and emotional well-being, by returning body and mind  to a state of relaxation, The treatments offered may help to realign and restructure, and recover from sports injuries, relieve pain caused by stress or simply help you to relax improving the body’s energy flow.