Sound acupuncture is a Tama-do technique based on the research of Fabien Maman  

Depending on diagnosis  specific notes of tuning forks will be applied to acupuncture points and the sonic vibration travels along the meridians effectively moving chi – energy to bring balance and harmony to the energy field,  to  physical & emotional issues as well as ease pain.   

Coloured light and silks  with essences further release imbalances in the energy field.  most holistic practitioners believe that illness starts in the auric field around our bodies rather than within the body.  Its our thoughts, beliefs & emotions along with other environmental stresses and strains that lodge as deposits  in our energy  field .  

As most of us are very good at repeatedly going  over old problems, and negative thoughts ,  attitudes, and feelings about ourselves, along with lifestyle  habits that are not helpful , it is unsurprising that this negative energy builds up into  heavier blockages! It is these blocks and deposits  in our energy fields  that may crystallise into  in physical & emotional symptoms.  colour & sound are believed to be  the most effective of tools to dissolve this negative energy. When  our auric field  is clear and  our energy / chi is balanced and harmoniously flowing ,  we can then re-connect to  the joy & vitality of life again.

Sound Acupuncture, is similar to Traditional Acupuncture, in that it is beneficial for a wide range of physical & emotional problems  and yet has  none of the contra-indications that are  associated with acupuncture needles. The beautiful  combination of Sound, colour & essential oils is a pleasure to receive & brings quick, lasting effects

The Science  of Fabien Maman

In 1981, Fabien Maman a french musician/composer and acupuncturist, conducted break through research  that demonstrated  the effect  of acoustic sound on human cells. He found experimenting with a series of acoustic sounds, impacted healthy cells to became vibrant and empowered, and   he also found abnormal cells exploded.

He also found with kirlian photography  that when the cells felt a vibratory ‘affinity’ and resonated  with a certain note, then the  cell’s aura transformed into a  vibrant coloured mandala .  Maman concluded that this established the ‘fundamental note’ of the cells, and also the fact that the cells recognized their  fundamental note, that this established the reality of their consciousness. Then If sound could wake up cells in a Petri dish, why not the whole body , or even Humanity itself?

First a consultation is done, pulses taken and the aura scanned , temperaments are considered, then the diagnosis and depending on this diagnosis, the combination of techniques are chosen.

The techniques researched and created by Fabien Maman include :

Tuning Forks on Acupuncture Command Points

This Tama-do technique uses  colour lights with specially designed high quality stainless steel tuning forks on the  Horary Points  ( Acupuncture command points ) to  empower the organs and balance the meridians. Benefits physical pathologies and  reduces fatigue.

Musical Spine with tuning forks

This is a powerful Tama -do  technique that uses tuning forks with colour lights on the acupuncture points along the spine this harmonizes the nervous system, chakras and subtle energy fields. This is an excellent technique to release back pain and chronic stress held in the body. This treatment often provides relief where other therapies just havent done the trick. Stress is reduced and sleep is regulated helping sleep problems. Musical Spine on a finer level,  helps release trauma from the past , physical and emotional that is caught up in cellular memories… So  it frees you from the trauma of the past with out having to talk about it ,  So it  helps you to link with your core , your  central axis , helping  inner strength and your direction in life

8 Qi Mo Technique with tuning forks

This is an advanced sound acupuncture technique to  elevate one’s energies from the physical level to the Chakras & the Subtle bodies, this is a very transformational technique. it has been found in more  difficult cases that it shifts more serious blockages  within the chakra’s  to more easily establish a harmonious flow of energy in the meridians.

T.E.P.  Harmonizing with Sound, Colour & Touch

A technique created by Fabien Maman, this gentle touch technique balances the chakras & the subtle energy fields (aura). Releases emotional stress. Creates deep inner peace.

Colour Therapy

Colour therapy is a tama do technique that works with colour lights, rainbow coloured silks  and  rainbow essences  These are used during all  sound acupuncture treatments  and T.E.P.  lifting  energy released and residing in layers of the aura. Colour reveals and then it heals.

Sound Therapy

Tama-Do technique of sound harmonization developed by Fabien Maman  harmonizes the bodies  subtle energy fields with acoustic instruments and sounds of the elements around the body. This is Shamanic work which  atunes you with your Self, the ebb and flow of  the seasons & the stars. This method is used for group work as well as during 1;1 treatments

From £45/hour with colour healing

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